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How is my new ATM secured from thievery?

We anchor your machine into the ground using industrial size screws and lags.

How will I receive payment for my new ATM?

Once your new ATM has been in service for one month, you will receive a detailed monthly report that outlines the total number of transactions, total cash dispensed and total surcharge revenue earned for the month. Connect Cash ATM Services will mail out monthly residual cheques along with your detailed statement summary at the end of each month.

Is there a cap on the potential income from my ATM?

It depends on the amount of foot traffic your location has on a daily basis. Here's a simple way to think about it: Let's say you have 300 people coming through your doors each day and 5% use the ATM, then that amounts to 15 transactions per day or 450 transactions per month. At a $3.00 per transaction surcharge, that works out to $1,350 of surcharge revenue per month. The amount that you retain will depend on which program you select.

My business accepts credit cards and most bank cards, is it still a wise investment to place an ATM machine?

Yes. Some customers prefer to use cash, particularly at busier locations. It also helps save you money on credit card processing fees, which can be substantial.

What will my monthly charges be and are there hidden fees associated with owning an ATM?

No hidden fees, no monthly fees, no per transaction charges for transaction processing.

Who is responsible for filling the ATM with cash?

We load the cash if you select our Turnkey solution. You load the cash when you select our Maximum Profit solution.

Who is responsible for machine repairs and regular maintenance?

We take care of repairs and maintenance when you select our Turnkey solution. We offer a complimentary preventative maintenance and charge local clients only for parts when you select our Maximum Profit program.

Will I be provided with free reports?

We offer real-time online transaction statistics. You will be able to view reports such as: detailed transaction history, low cash alerts, monthly transaction totals, etc.

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